What is the Internet

The internet is a world-wide, cooperative and public electronic communications system that connects computer networks and computer facilities around the world to each other. It is a super-network – a network of networks. This interconnection allows the sharing of information, which is stored in digital form on computers, to move backwards and forwards between them at great speed.
The internet has become a valuable communication and information tool. Many businesses have adapted traditional operations and placed them on the internet (commonly known as going “online”). In addition to these electronic businesses or e-businesses, where traditionally available services have moved online, the internet has also led to the invention and development of new industries and new jobs. For a list of these new jobs see our What is IT page.

Sharing of Information on the Internet

The internet allows the sharing of information through a number of different avenues as described below.


E-mail is the electronic transmission and reception of messages between internet users. The messages are passed from computer to computer via an email server. The messages stay on the server until the receiving user connects to the server and asks for the email message to be delivered. Email is a form of one–to-one communication.
To send and receive messages via the internet, a user needs to use an email software tool such as software on their computer like Eudora®, Microsoft Outlook® or Mozilla Thunderbird or through webmail applications, which are accessed via webpages. The more popular online email services are Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail.

World Wide Web

Or WWW or the web for short is a means for delivering documents and other files over the internet. These documents are written using the Hypertext Mark Up Language or HTML. This allows many different forms of information, media and file types to be linked by hyperlinks within them. The WWW uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP to transmit files and data using websites on the net.
The World Wide Web is the most commonly recognised part of the internet, but is only a subset of all of the information available for sharing via the network of networks that is known as the internet. It is a form of many-to-many communication. For more detailed information on the web click our link here.


Is an internet protocol which is used for making a connection with a remote computer. Telnet allows a user to connect to a computer not on the same network as their own. It is most commonly used to connect to computerised databases, which contain data in text form only. More information on Telnet is available at Wikipedia.


Gopher is an older type of file delivery service. It can download any type of file, including audio and video. It stores files as a series of nested menus and was a popular tool in the early days of the internet before the advent of the web.

File Transfer Protocol – FTP

FTP is the primary method for transferring files over the internet. FTP sites are computers or computer systems that are connected to the internet and run server software, which allows computers to see each other and share files. These files are made available for download by this server software. File Transfer Protocol allows users to use most modern browsers to send and receive files. Browsers can download files but cannot upload files.
There are a many different software programs which are available to assist with FTP filesharing. The files for this website were uploaded to our server using FTP via a free client called FileZilla.

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