What is RJ45

RJ45 is a Family of Cabling networking Cabling Systems

The RJ 45 is family of interconnecting cabling systems and is the most commonly used. It is quick & easy to install economically priced and used throughout the information and telecommunications industry. The RJ45 is in the RJ (Registered Jack) family of connectors, being used as the 8P8C (eight position eight contact) connector in the wiring standards.

RJ45 Wiring is the Most Popularly Used Type of Cabling in Networks

When forming a network a computer uses a device called a Network Interface Card or NIC for short. Electrical signals run from the computer’s Random Access Memory through the Network Interface Card and into the Local Area Network (LAN) cabling that is the fibre or netting of the network. RJ45 twisted-pair wiring is by far the most common type of cabling used in Networks, including LANs. A plastic outer insulator protects the four pairs of insulated wire, which are twisted with a different rate of turns per centimetre. These twists are specifically introduced to cancel out electrical noise from co-located electrical equipment. Each end of the cable finishes in a RJ45 connector or jack, which is look very similar to standard telephone cable.

Every Node on a Network has a Dedicated RJ45 Cable

Every node on a network has a dedicated RJ45 cable that connects it to the central hub or router which is at the centre of the network. The hub or router allows the electrical signals to travel from one computer to any other node on the network. The particular combination of Network Interface Card, device circuitry performance and RJ45 cabling determines the Bandwidth of a computer or Local Area Network.

Pinouts for RJ45 Jacks (Serial and 10Base-T)

There are two basic RJ45 pin outs. A straight through ethernet cable, which is used to connect to a hub or switch, and a crossover ethernet cable used to operate peer-to-peer without a switch or hub switch. Usually most if not all fixed wiring should be run straight through. However on some occasions ethernet interfaces can cross and un-cross a cable automatically as needed. This can be really useful and worthwhile modification.There are 3 standards for RJ45 pinouts, but if you are unsure about which on to use stick with the T568B pinout

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