What is Free Download ?

What is Free Download ?

A Free Download is a download that is received free of charge or at no cost.
According to Dictionary.com a down load is “…a verb (used with object) Computers.” which means “…to transfer (software, data, character sets, etc.) from a distant to a nearby computer, from a larger to a smaller computer, or from a computer to a peripheral device.”

So a Free Download is a transfer of, software, data, files and so on from a distant computer to a nearby computer or peripheral device without charge or cost.

It should be noted that that these Free Downloads may be legal or illegal and some are safe but others maybe unsafe. In choosing to accept a download you need to reassure yourself that you are not breaking any law and not putting your online security at risk.

Free Download – What can you download for Free?

You can Free Download just about about anything! Although you may not be able to download everything you want easily or legally. Free downloads are very popular we all love a bargain. For instance in researching for this article I checked out the statistics for the phrase ‘Free Downloads’ on ‘Google Adwords’ it showed as follows:

  • Broad – 226,000,000 Global Searches a month
  • Phrase – 124,000,000 Global Searches a month
  • Exact – 673,000 Global Searches a month

So when you plugged the phrase ‘Free Download’ into Google and saw the details for this site on the search page you were carrying out one of 673,000 such searches carried out worldwide this month!

Anyway lets have a brief look at what delights you can get via a Free Download.

Free Download Songs

Free Download Songs and MP3s in many places on the internet. There are are many Music and MP3 Websites that offering music downloads for sale as well as featuring free downloads in order to intice you to buy music from them or to introduce a new artist or album.

Our sister MP3 Store at MP3Cream provides a page full of links to Websites that offer free downloads of Music and songs.

Free Download Games

Free Download Games are also plentiful online.
Our sister Website FUN-ARCADE-GAMES.COM offers lots of links to free as well as pay for games.

Free Download Movies

Movies are another popular target for free downloads.There are many Websites dedicated to providing you with the free movies you want to watch.

Free Download TV

Televison down loads are plentiful as well. Whether they are downloads of movies or episodes of TV series; or streaming of live content. Find out more by visiting our TV Online Website

Free Download Software

There is a huge range of of software and apps or application that can be readily accessed for free.
Free software comes in two forms as follows:


Freeware,as its name suggests is software or an application which is free of charge. The term ‘free’ usually only refers to the price. You are not usually able to copy or further distribute copies of the software or app and you may not have access to the source code.
An example of freeware is the WordPress Software I am using to post this page to this Website.


Shareware is software which is initially free of charge where you are given access to the program for a trial period. After the trial period a payment must be made to keep accessing the software or to access extra features. An example of this Shareware is the program Microsoft Expression Web 4 which I recently experimented with for a sixty day free trial.

As you can see from the examples given above you can Free Download pretty much anything you like from the internet!

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