How to Make Money Blogging – 12 Steps to Success Part 2

Welcome to How to Make Money blogging – 12 Steps to Success Part 2.

This is the second part of our Blog which forms the skeleton of our Whatis? Online Business Blog Category. Each step is represented as a category for our blogs making them easily searchable by you. These blogs will greatly expand each step. Providing you the opportunity to learn more and more for the benefit of your Blog and your cheque-book.

6. Write Good Blog Content

Good blog content is essential for attracting and keeping the interest of your visitors and also for impressing Google and other search engines. After all, Google makes money by sending its customers to good, relevant content that answers searchers questions or gives them whatever else it is they are looking for.

Make sure you write clearly, providing well researched, relevant and easily readable content.

Provide opportunities for your visitors to add content too!

Remember write for your visitors first, Google second!

7 Apply Search Engine Optimization Techniques (SEO)

SEO means optimising your site so that it interests the search engines to raise your rankings, increasing your visitors and increasing your income.
There are two types of SEO. One is On-Page SEO and other is Off-Page Search Engine Optimization. Both are equally important, but concentrate on the on-page SEO First.

Our blog and links will provide you with a great deal more detail to help you rise in the search engine rankings.

8. Build Backlinks

Backlinks are also an important factor in your off-site SEO.

Backlinks are an indication of your Authority or standing as an expert on the subject you are blogging about. The major search engines value these backlinks as a measure of a Website’s authority. Giving them greater confidence that the content you write and post is accurate, relevant and useful. This increases your rankings, your visitors and your income.

How to Make Money Blogging? Build lots of good quality backlinks. There are many ways to do this. We’ll reveal these techniques to you in our Build Backlinks blog.

9. Build a list

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell your product.

In order to use email marketing you need to have a list of willing clients. So using a How to Make Money Blogging technique you need to start building an email mailing list from day one. Ask your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters nor RSS feed, making sure to get their approval to receive your promotional emails.

10. Word of Mouth Marketing Through Social Media

Word of mouth Marketing is an essential part of How Make Money Blogging.

Dave Kerpen Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (And Other Social Networks) sums it up nicely on the back cover of his book ‘likeable Social Media’: “A friend’s recommendation is more powerful than any advertisement. In the world of Facebook, Twitter and beyond, that recommendation can travel farther-and faster-than ever before.” His book stirs you to “Listen to your customers and prospects. Deliver value, excitement and surprise. And most important, learn how to truly engage your customers and help them spread the word.”

Stay tuned to our How to Make Money Blogging Blog to learn how and achieve your financial goals online.

11. Monetize your Blog

Notice that we have left the monetizing of all of your efforts until last.
You can make money Blogging a number of ways. In broad terms they include: Affiliate Marketing, advertising using corporatized systems, direct selling of advertising space on your Blog website, Selling Services Online, selling your own products online. There are hundreds of ways of monetizing for Blog.

Stay tuned to the Whatis? Online How to Make Money Blogging Blogs to learn about the best and most popular of these.

12. Stay Tuned to How Make Money Blogging

Once you start blogging, you will want to explore all of the methods, techniques and tools that are available. There are many themes or templates that you can use for free, customization that you may want to do, and of course techniques to promote your blog.

But first you have to get started… so go ahead and follow these easy steps and set up your new blog today!

And don’t forget to stay tuned to Whatis? Online’s How to Make Money Blogging Blog to learn more!

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